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Mission & Objectives

Century Interactive Studio exist simply to provide students the opportunity to explore career interest in Animation, Graphic Design, & Video Game Development. The Studio is a ever changing to student needs and interest. Have something interesting you want to find people to explore it with, bring it to the studio!


Provide every student the necessary guidance and encouragement to turn their passion into a career.


1.  Assist each student in finding the post-secondary education that’s right for THEM. 2. Provide exposure to industry events and activities that will encourage students to chase their passion. 3. Provide opportunities to work collaboratively. 4. Provide opportunities to compete using their passion. 5. Provide a safe place to meet new people with similar interest.




 Century Interactive Studio

Century High School 1401 S. Grand Ave. Santa Ana CA., 92705 USA t: 714.568.7000 e: christopher.martin@sausd.us e: steven.ramirez@sausd.us
© Century Interactive Studio All Rights Reserved 2018